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Celebration without worries with this Ultimate Celebration Reward Package, offering not only FREE whole cake and balloon package, but also 10% Off 3-Hour Unlimited Print Photobooth Package and 10% Creative Event Coverage Package for any booking grand total above S$5,000 on Avenevv. Do refer to AVEPTCE2, AVEPTCE4, AVEPTPR13 and AVEPTPR14 for more information and options for each of the respective rewards!


Refer to the respective lists on AVEPTCE2, AVEPTCE4, AVEPTPR12 and AVEPTPR14

Terms & Conditions:

1. Only ONE reward can be claimed per booking through Avenevv.

2. The Booking Grand Total on Avenevv has to be at least S$5,000. This is the total amount that you would pay to the venue based on the quote accepted on Avenevv platform.

3. The reservation deposit payment for venue booking has to be made on Avenevv at least 6 weeks before your event Move-in Date.

4. Fulfillment of the reward will be subject to availability. In the case that the reward is not available for your event, our team will reach out to you to discuss an alternative of similar value.

5. Once the reward is confirmed, you would not be able to exchange the reward or reward option.

6. Payment for the remaining cost of the services would need to be made on Avenevv before we proceed with booking these services.

Reward Image:

Whole Cake Option 5: Salted Caramel Cheesecake | Approximately 7" and 18cm - 1kg - 10 slices (Credit: Cat & the Fiddle)

Balloon Package Option 1: 20 X Pearl Burgundy , Black & Confetti Rose Gold (Credit: Misty Daydream)

3-Hour Unlimited Print Photobooth Package

Whole Cake Option 6: Oreo Cookies and Cream Cheesecake – Modern Duke’s Pudding | Approximately 7" and 18cm - 1kg - 10 slices (Credit: Cat & the Fiddle)

DMNC Creative Event Coverage Package

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