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Speaking about events, we would not be able to leave out the fun part!

Presenting to you, our network of event entertainment partners! As the state of event technology is evolving, we are also seeing more and more elements of technology being incorporated into event entertainment, redefining audience's expectations day by day. Be prepared to be impressed with breath-taking performances and spectacular shows, and enjoy yourself thoroughly as our partners bring in that excitement to your next event!

Event Creative Partners



Pasta- and Pizza-Making Programme

Doughworkz by PastaMania is a pasta- and pizza-making program that’s customisable for children from 4 to adults of all ages. For our children’s classes, cooking with Doughworkz is bound to be a fun-filled hands-on culinary experience that’ll be chock-full of excitement and memories for your child. For corporate workshops, brace yourselves for a fantastic time of team bonding while whipping up delicious dishes and competing in our friendly culinary challenges!


Wildfire Entertainment

Tech-Integrated Entertainment Specialist

Wildfire Entertainment creates innovative and unique performances from concept to completion for corporate and promotional events around the world, with an emphasis on integrating live action with technology.